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In this free video training, I'll save you years of trial and error when it comes to designing and running a highly leveraged and profitable coaching or consulting business.

In this short video training, I'm going to share with you what true business-by-design looks like. It's what I've achieved for myself, and what my agency clients (who routinely crack the $1M mark) have achieved as well.

I call it having a...

Perfect Little Business

I don't know about you, but who ever said I needed to 'scale' my business in order to be successful?

What if I just wanted to create a business that provided me with incredible personal income, joy and ease in my daily life, and that didn't require me to build and/or manage a large team?

You see, for years I chased the "scale" dream.

But instead of finding freedom, I repeatedly found myself sick and burnt out from never reaching my goal.

It's because the finish line always kept moving.

'Scale' is an infinite concept.

It's not defined and doesn't have limits, so our brain can never hold onto something tangible.

This means for many of us, we will always remain chasing scale rather than achieving scale.

Here's how that played out in my business:

I'd have a $30k month, and then immediately set my sights on $50k.

I'd then have a $50k month, and in my efforts to get to $60k+, I'd increase ad spend or hire another VA.

This impacted my profitability, stressed me out, and affected my energy.

I would then slump back down to $20k and the cycle of stress and overwhelm would continue.

I was operating from a place of Ambition over Purpose, and that is fundamentally not the kind of business I want to have or the kind of business owner I want to be.

Instead of having a concrete plan to reach a specific goal (and then limiting myself to simply working the plan), I was constantly reacting to my current situation.

I was horribly inconsistent
(and terribly stressed!) until I committed to abandoning the notion of scale and set a revenue cap.

Which is what I did.

Because I was able to run my business on my own up until around $30k per month as a coach (with periodic agency clients), I set that as my limit for quite some time.

$30K per month at over 90% profitability was very nice personal income.

And I only worked part-time - allowing me to spend precious time with my daughter.

Sales were never really an issue because I had a waitlist of potential clients who wanted to work with me due to my self-imposed limits.
Was I making a $1M per year in my business?

No, but I was happy.

And then something interesting happened that forever changed the landscape and is (still) redefining what is possible.

ChatGPT Launched in November of 2022 and the AI Revolution Began.

AI is altering what's possible for subject matter experts like me and you who want or have an online coaching, consulting or service-based business - allowing us to have AI do what normally consumed MOST of our bandwidth (or require us to outsource and hire team).

  • Strategy

  • Design & Development

  • Content

  • Fulfilment & Delivery

But AI on it's own is not reliable.

It's just a language model, so it (currently) poses no threat to a real expert's livelihood.

Yes, there are a lot of "fake experts" who are maximizing on AI right now. But they're being exposed about as quickly as they start up.

Leaving nothing but room for true experts to step in an maximize on the opportunity.

In Fact, AI is allowing for true Subject Matter Experts (someone with the with the gift and desire to help others) parlay their IP into online income at RECORD SPEED.

AI is an accelerant...

Making this potentially the greatest time in history for integrity-driven experts to create and build a Perfect Little Business™!

So, are you ready to have a fully leveraged, even part-time business that you run by yourself AND make up to $1M per year?

It's totally possible now, even if you've never believed that was possible or knew of a path to get there.

I've forged the path, I've laid all the bricks, and as an industry veteran and expert in digital marketing and instructional design, It would be my honor to be able to show you the path ahead.

That is, if a Perfect Little Business™ sounds good to you too.

If so, opt in below for a quick FREE video training where I will share with you the blueprint.

I'll see you on the inside!


About Cindy Anne Molchany

Since 2015 Cindy Anne Molchany has created over 70 different online programs for her 7 & 8 figure clients - in addition to running her own coaching and course business, Course Paradise.

The client programs she has created have generated millions in revenue for her clients, have impacted as many lives, and have ranged from stand-alone courses and coaching programs to masterminds, MRR content, challenges and virtual events.

Cindy is a regular feature and coach in programs such as Taki Moore's Black Belt, and her services and coaching are always in high demand because she brings a unique mix of Instructional Design and Digital Marketing experience to the table -- as well as a healthy obsession for Client Success.

"My Impact is Helping You Make Yours"

What Cindy's Clients Have Said:

"I've finished Module 2 and scanned Module 3. Cindy Anne Molchany, when you say you overdeliver... holy smokes, do you ever.

The detail of your content is Fantastic and very helpful. I have taken at least 4 courses on course building/marketing/niche etc. and they have not delivered half as much as you have in this course. I am so grateful."

- Martina Payette, BEing U Coaching


Let me show you how. It doesn't happen by throwing spaghetti at the wall.

You need a strategy.

And an expert to guide you.


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