How I partnered my 'zone of genius' with AI to create a simple Google Doc that my clients now pay me $20K to make for them

(and it's something I did on a Saturday morning while sitting on my sofa and drinking coffee)

What is the BOTATIZE™: Ai Your Zone of Genius Business Planning Workshop?

With only 16% of businesses using Ai, there's still time to be an 'early adopter' of Ai and use it to transform your coaching, course or service based business to make a larger impact in the world and skyrocket your income.

Get access to the revolutionary BOTATIZE™ Business Planning Workshop for $19 USD.

Just $19

Discover simple ways you can partner your own particular 'zone of genius' with Ai (and incorporate Ai into your existing business) to get your clients greater results and to make you more money while working less.

In just one session, we'll strategize your business future by learning creative ways to partner your intellectual property with Ai.

Together, we'll build out a step-by-step roadmap you can follow to innovate and Ai into your coaching, course or service based business for greater impact and profit - all for just $19 USD.

Say goodbye to

No value proposition

Hustling for leads & sales

Inefficient operations

Lackluster offer

Messaging that falls flat

Retention problems

Dreadful sales calls

Broken systems

Lack of time to do it all

and say hello to partnering your 'zone of genius' with Ai to

Become a Category of One

Create an offer that truly puts you in an entirely new category -- effectively creating your own niche and opportunity that clients can't wait to enroll in.

Effortlessly Convert

Generate real desire for your coaching & solutions and position yourself as the go-to-expert that doesn't need to rely on bro-marketing tactics or even sales calls.

Achieve Real Leverage

What happens when you effectively incorporate Ai into your lead gen, sales process AND your offer delivery? You get your life back and you end up with a Perfect Little Business.

You're Invited to...

Learn from someone with a trifecta of experience: business acumen, digital marketing & instructional design.

Cindy Anne Molchany Brings it All to The Table

Business coach to hundreds of coaches and online business owners since 2015 helping many cross 7-figures

Agency owner & creator of over 70 high impact courses, coaching programs and digital products for clients

Creator of Course Business Incubator and mentor to a generation of Course Business Consultants


Your roadmap to make 2024 the year your

Perfect Little Business™ has its day.


Create Your Category of One

It's not about keeping up - or trying to be better than - your competition.

It's about establishing your own Category of One where you are the authority and where your clients don't find you, but rather where you make them into existence.

Together we're going to unpack the specifics of your niche, market & offer - as well as the essence of your business - in order to refine, improve and optimize your coaching and services using Ai.

We'll tap into your individual talents, your intellectual property, and the unique position you hold in your market to craft a niche that is unmistakably yours.

By focusing on what sets you apart, you'll naturally rise above the noise; and not only because you are distinct, but because of the next level value you bring.

Let's build a business that is truly as exceptional as your expertise is!


Carve a Straight Forward Path

Wave goodbye to uncertainty and say hello to your future! I want this workshop to be your turning point; an event where you chart a direct course to seeing your vision become a reality in as little as a few months.

During this workshop, I am not just going to walk you through the nuts and bolts of a business plan and send you on your way.

You'll leave with a deeper understanding of the exact steps to take in the coming weeks and months, what to avoid, and how to create true leverage in a small business using Ai.

Expect a thoughtful approach that balances your ambition with the genuine care for the impact you want to create.

Join us, and take the next step towards a business that thrives on authenticity and excellence.


The 4 Skills to Master

Ai is here, giving us the greatest opportunity in human history to leverage our individual talents and strengths and parlay them into a profitable small business.

But in order to take advantage of this moment in time, you can't sit on the sidelines.

You must dive in - even amongst the shifting sands and rapidly changing landscape. Things are accelerating rapidly and a new skill to master will simply be to keep up.

But in addition to that, there are 4 other skills to master if your business is going to not just survive, but thrive going forward.

You see, I've seen the future of where coaching, online courses and online services are going and how things look today are NOT what it's going to be like tomorrow.

The time to innovate is RIGHT NOW, and the window of opportunity to uplevel your skillset and ride this wave will not be open for long.

During this workshop, I'll share with you the 4 skills you have to master in order to be at the forefront of the Ai Revolution and take advantage of this unique moment in time.

These are not difficult skills to pickup, but they will require dedication and determination to master.


If you're exhausted by the 'scale or fail' mentality like I am, then read this.

In this workshop, I'm going to share with you what true business-by-design looks like... as well as walk you through the steps of designing it for yourself.

I don't know about you, but who ever said I needed to 'scale' my business in order to be successful?

What if I just wanted to create a business that provided me with incredible personal income, joy and ease in my daily life, and that didn't require me to build and/or manage a large team?

You see, for years I chased the "scale" dream.

But instead of finding freedom, I repeatedly found myself sick and burnt out from never reaching my goal.

It's because the finish line always kept moving.

'Scale' is an infinite concept.

It's not defined and doesn't have limits, so our brain can never hold onto something tangible.

I mean this quite literally. We visualize with the Occipital lobe in our brains. If we can't visualize 'scale', then the Reticular Activating System (another part of our brain) can't bring it into being for us.

This means that if you're anything like me and the concept of 'scale' is something you can't grasp visually, you will always chasing scale rather than achieving scale.

(and sadly this is what a lot of savvy marketers know when they bait you in...)

Here's how that played out in my business:

I'd have a $30k month, and then immediately set my sights on $50k.

I'd then have a $50k month, and in my efforts to get to $60k+, I'd increase ad spend or hire another VA.

This impacted my profitability, stressed me out, and affected my energy.

I would then slump back down to $20k and the cycle of stress and overwhelm would continue.

I was operating from a place of Ambition over Purpose, and that is fundamentally not the kind of business I want to have or the kind of business owner I want to be.

Instead of having a concrete plan to reach a specific goal (and then limiting myself to simply working the plan), I was constantly reacting to my current situation.

I was horribly inconsistent
(and terribly stressed!) until I committed to abandoning the notion of scale and SET A REVENUE CAP.

Which is what I did.

Because I was able to run my business on my own up until around $30k per month as a coach (with periodic agency clients), I set that as my limit for quite some time.

$30K per month at over 90% profitability was very nice personal income.

And I only worked part-time - allowing me to spend precious time with my daughter.

Sales were never really an issue because I had a waitlist of potential clients who wanted to work with me due to my self-imposed limits.

Was I making a $1M per year in my business?

No, but I was happy.

And then something interesting happened that forever changed the landscape and is (still) redefining what is possible.

ChatGPT launched in November of 2022 and the AI revolution began.

AI is altering what's possible for subject matter experts like me and you who want or have an online coaching, consulting or service-based business - allowing us to have AI do what normally consumed MOST of our bandwidth (or require us to outsource and hire team).

  • Strategy

  • Design & Development

  • Content

  • Fulfilment & Delivery

And now, $30K is no longer my revenue cap.

It's my baseline.

And that's pretty exciting.

But AI on it's own is not reliable.

It's just a language model, so it (currently) poses no threat to a real expert's livelihood.

Yes, there are a lot of "fake experts" who are maximizing on AI right now. But they're being exposed about as quickly as they start up.

Leaving nothing but room for true experts to step in an maximize on the opportunity.

In Fact, AI is allowing for true Subject Matter Experts (someone with the with the gift and desire to help others) parlay their IP into online income at RECORD SPEED.

AI is an accelerant...

Making this potentially the greatest time in history for integrity-driven experts to create and build a Perfect Little Business™!

So, are you ready to have a fully leveraged, even part-time business that you run by yourself AND make a minimum of $30k per month?

It's totally possible now, even if you've never believed that was possible or knew of a path to get there.

I've forged the path, I've laid all the bricks, and as an industry veteran and expert in digital marketing and instructional design, It would be my honor to be able to show you the path ahead.

That is, if a Perfect Little Business™ sounds good to you too.

If so, join me inside of the Ai Your IP Business Planning Workshop!

This hands-on and on-demand workshop is something you can do in one sitting, and it's the perfect launching off point for you to add leverage into your business this year by harnessing the power of your own Zone of Genius and Ai!

I'll see you on the inside!


About Cindy Anne Molchany

Since 2015 Cindy Anne Molchany has created over 70 different online programs for her 7 & 8 figure clients - in addition to running her own coaching and course business, Course Paradise.

The client programs she has created have generated millions in revenue for her clients, have impacted as many lives, and have ranged from stand-alone courses and coaching programs to masterminds, MRR content, challenges and virtual events.

Cindy is a regular feature and coach in programs such as Taki Moore's Black Belt, and her services and coaching are always in high demand because she brings a unique mix of Instructional Design and Digital Marketing experience to the table -- as well as a healthy obsession for Client Success.

"My Impact is Helping You Make Yours"


Your BOTATIZE™: Ai Your Zone of Genius Workshop experience comes with all this...

Lifetime Access to Current & Future Workshop Updates

The Ai landscape is in constant motion and things change rapidly.

In this workshop, I'll guide you through the specific steps needed to navigate this landscape ever changing landscape in order to get you to the next level.

We're going to work on your AI driven business plan in detail, turning it into a clear and practical roadmap for success.

And as a workshop participant, you'll have access to any and all future workshop updates so you are always in the know and remaining current and up to date.

How will this help you? This approach is especially important now, given the uncertain economic climate. I'll provide you with the necessary tools and strategies to not just survive, but thrive and become a leader in your space.

Ai Business Planning Tools

Traditionally, strategic business planning required endurance and stamina!

Not a quick process, many business end up glossing over the details as a way to get through the 'boring' and 'mundane' aspects of planning.

They just can't help themselves.

Now with Ai, strategic business planning is not only fast, but incredibly illuminating and fun!

I've worked to perfect several Ai bots and tools to help coaches, course creators and service providers strategically plan their online business. These tools are available to you whenever you need to work through a problem, get guidance, or move quickly in your business!

How will this help you? Never stare at a blank screen again wondering if you have your niche, offer, or messaging right! These Ai tools will not just save you time, but the pain of not building your business on solid ground.

Business Plan Digital Workbook

Inside your workbook, you'll find essential resources tailored for your business growth:

>> The Key Building Blocks for an Online Business & Marketing Plan: This step-by-step guide provides a solid foundation to build your business effectively.

>> Business and Personal Goal Setting Worksheets: Set specific, achievable goals to drive your progress throughout the year.

>> Avatar and Offer Refinement Worksheets: Whether you have an offer or are looking to get started, these resources are intended to help ensure your messaging and offer are all but irresistible.

How will this help you? Once complete, this Business Plan will serve as Mission Control for the next 6-12 months. It is designed to keep you on track with your goals, help you understand your market, maintain your business's financial health, and compile all these elements into an effective strategy.

"The Nest" - Private Community Access for Perfect Little Business™ Owners

Crave community with other like minded and driven business owners?

All paid clients of Cindy's in Course Paradise and in Perfect Little Business are invited to participate and be members in The Nest - a private community where we build Perfect Little Businesses together.

We are peers over prospects, we lift each other up, and we innovate together!

How will this help you? This is the one place to get direct access to support and coaching from Cindy for free.

What Cindy's Clients Have Said:

"I've finished Module 2 and scanned Module 3. Cindy Anne Molchany, when you say you overdeliver... holy smokes, do you ever.

The detail of your content is Fantastic and very helpful. I have taken at least 4 courses on course building/marketing/niche etc. and they have not delivered half as much as you have in this course. I am so grateful."

- Martina Payette, BEing U Coaching


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