We help online coaches, consultants & service providers build a perfect, non-scalable business where they can make 'rich-people' money without the complexities of team, complicated business models, or hustle.

Our Impact Is Helping You Make Yours.

Since 2015, founder of Perfect Little Business, Cindy Anne Molchany has created over 70 different online programs for her 7 & 8 figure clients - in addition to running her own coaching and course business, Course Paradise.

The client programs she has created have generated over $100M in revenue, have impacted millions of lives, and have ranged from stand-alone courses and coaching programs to masterminds, MRR content, challenges and virtual events.

Cindy is a regular feature and coach in programs such as Taki Moore's Black Belt, and her services and coaching are always in high demand because she brings a unique mix of Instructional Design and Digital Marketing experience to the table -- as well as a healthy obsession for Client Success.

About Us

Welcome to "Perfect Little Business," a sanctuary for solopreneurs like you—coaches, consultants, and service providers—determined to earn "rich people" money from a well designed lifestyle business. Founded on the belief that business success doesn't equate to scale, but to satisfaction and impact, we stand as a beacon for those seeking a lucrative yet uncomplicated business.

At the helm of "Perfect Little Business" is Cindy Anne Molchany - an established digital marketing expert who, disillusioned by the relentless pursuit of scale, embarked on a journey to redefine success. Recognizing a widespread yearning for a business model that prioritizes personal fulfillment over complexity, "Perfect Little Business" was born.

Our mission? To arm you with the tools and strategies to craft a business that not only thrives financially but is also joyous and straightforward to operate.

Our services are a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence.

From our groundbreaking workshops, like "Botatize" — where we show you how to merge your unique expertise with AI for unparalleled client results — to "Module Zero," designed to elevate your coaching client's onboarding experience, we're here to revolutionize the way you do business.

Our coaching, consulting, and done-for-you services are tailored to ensure your success is not just a possibility, but a guarantee.

"Birdie," our all-in-one marketing platform, stands as the cornerstone of our offerings. Designed specifically for solopreneurs, it embodies our vision of simplicity and efficiency, enabling you to reach new heights without the burden of complexity.

Cindy's journey is a reflection of our ethos. From crafting online programs for leading business figures to guiding novices through the digital landscape, Cindy's core desire has always been to support individuals committed to turning their visions into reality.

This passion is the heartbeat of "Perfect Little Business."As we look to the future, "Perfect Little Business" is not just aiming for growth but for a profound impact.

Things We Stand For...


Your Client's Success is YOUR Responsibility

There is no such thing as "passive income" in a business where people give us money to help them do hard things. As course business owners and coaches we should be 100% committed to taking responsibility for the results we aim to deliver.

Healthy obsession encouraged.


It's Not About
'1000 True Fans', it's About '100 Real Relationships'

Your legacy will be built by the relationships you forge with your clients and the hard things you help them achieve much more so than the "influence" you carry in your market.

Build a business on the back of 100 true relationships, and you'll never have to market yourself again.


Clients Are Made, Not Found

When faced with the decision to either hire a sales team member, or hire someone to achieve client success, we hire for client success ALWAYS.

The results we help our clients achieve, and the relationship we forge with them, creates referrals and clients for life!

Join the Nest!

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Our Kuleana

Give Back Program

Aside from several years in California and in other states, Cindy was raised and currently lives in Hawai'i with her family. To contribute to her community, she and Perfect Little Business are providing substantial discounts to Hawai'i business owners interested in using the Birdie marketing and CRM platform. A significant portion of the profits from these subscriptions will support various charitable causes across the state, such as affordable housing, job training, and Maui Fire relief.

What Cindy's Clients Have to Say...

"I've finished Module 2 and scanned Module 3. Cindy Anne Molchany, when you say you overdeliver... holy smokes, do you ever.

The detail of your content is Fantastic and very helpful. I have taken at least 4 courses on course building/marketing/niche etc. and they have not delivered half as much as you have in this course. I am so grateful."

- Martina Payette, BEing U Coaching

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